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October 18th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

Photofacial Light Treatments

October 18th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

Do you have unwanted skin discolorations and spots (brown spots, broken blood vessels)  due to sun damage, or  Rosacea, acne, or just the wrinkles and fine lines attributed to aging? Then maybe your course of action may be treating it with photofacial light treatment.

This is a  newer treatment in the market that is being used quite a bit these days. It has been proven to be very safe and pretty effective to take care of the multiple problems which I have mentioned. The improvement that it can give can be very rewarding for anyone that needs a lift in their appearance. It can make you look years younger, and make you feel so good.

The treatments are done usually more than once, and the effects are seen in most instances after a week or two after the procedure has been done. It will be a slow gradual chance in the appearance of your skin. Since there is no real recuperation time for ths easy procedure, you can even schedule this on your lunch hour if you wanted to. The light treatment is usually only approximately a half hour to an hour to do and you can be back to work before you know it! Then schedule the next treatment or as many as the derm expects you to requre afterward.

Just keep in mind, getting rid of sun damage does NOT mean that you can go out and suntan wthout using sunscreen and get all of those sunburns either! USE Sunscreen ALWAYS!!!! PLEASE!


Six Homemade Skin Care Masks for Eye Wrinkles

June 24th, 2013 by Healthy Skin 1 comment »

When we grow old our youthful glow gradually wanes away as the skin cells lose their elasticity. It leads to the appearance of fine lines, like crow’s feet and wrinkles around our eyes. These are signs of skin aging which we cannot reverse altogether, but nature has gifted us with some magical fruits and vegetables with the help of which we can definitely decelerate the process of aging which makes us appear dull.

Here are six easy to make homemade skin care masks that will help to remove eye wrinkles naturally and return your youthful glow:

Avocado and Almond Oil Mask

Both these foods are rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and B and good fatty acids which are essential for maintenance of the healthy skin cells ensuring glowing skin.

Scoop out some of the fleshy and juicy pulp of avocado and mash it with the help of a clean and dry fork. Once done, add five to six drops of almond oil to the pulp and mix it well. Apply the mask on the area around your eyes and leave them for five minutes and thereafter rinse off the mask with cold water. The antioxidant rich mask hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin from within, and will help in reducing eye wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Anti-Wrinkle mask with Egg White

Egg is one of the common most common food items that is found in almost every household and it is extremely nutritious as well. But did you know that it works great for treating eye wrinkles. The egg white contains nutrients that help in tightening the skin cells and returning them their natural elasticity. Therefore, take a minute out to apply egg white around the eye regularly and you can see a visible reduction in eye wrinkles within sometimes.

Cucumber and Parsley Face Pack

Cucumber and parsley leaves are filled with antioxidants Vitamin E and C, folate, minerals and caffeic acids which help in fighting the signs of aging and also for protecting the sensitive facial skin from the harmful UV rays by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the cell. Thus regular application of this face pack will be beneficial for minimizing wrinkles around the eyes.

Face Mask Made from Apple and Pineapple Juice

Apple and pineapple juice are also extremely effective in reducing eye wrinkle. The extracts from these two nutrient rich fruits contain alpha-hydroxy acid which are very useful for fighting signs of aging, especially eye wrinkles. It helps in tightening the sagging skin cells and cleanses it from within. Apply the extracts from these two fruits and keep it for about twenty minutes. Thereafter, wash face with cold water to get glowing and youthful skin.

Castor Oil Massage

Castor oil is one of the most common elements in many expensive anti wrinkle face creams. So instead of investing in one of these expensive products you can always invest on a much cheaper castor oil bottle to get the same effect on your skin. Take a few drops of castor oil and massage it gentle all around the eyes in circular motions after cleaning your face in the night. You will be able to notice a visible difference within a few weeks’ time.

Face Pack Made from Honey and Grated Potato

Face pack made from grated potato and honey is another effective homemade skin care pack for treating eye wrinkle. Spread the pack on two cotton balls and thereafter place in on your eyes for ten to twenty minutes. If you can religiously carry on this treatment for at least thrice a week and you will see the results within a few weeks.

The skin surrounding our eyes is much more delicate and thus they are the first to get affected by the harmful UV rays causing eye wrinkles. So we need to take extra care for slowing down the appearance of such signs of aging around our eyes. Apply these homemade masks religiously to maintain healthy, glowing and your youthful look without fear of any side effects.

About the Author:

The above article is composed by CJ, a beautician by profession who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.

Feed Your Skin

May 10th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

Recently I read an article from Jessica Wu, M.D., assistant clinical professor of dermatology at USC Medical School and a dermatologist in  Los Angeles. She writes about having a smoother and a clearer complexion plus she encourages you to eat for your skin care rituals and routine.   She claims there are basically six foods that are extremely good for your skin’s health.

#1 Tomatoestomato

Tomatoes are one of your skin’s best defenses and they contain a very strong  antioxidant which is lycopene. They still have yet to prove it completely through their studies, but it has been suggested that lycopene may very well be responsible for protecting the skin against the terrible problem of sun damage.

Eating the raw tomatoes isn’t even the best way to have the lycopene be absorbed by the body, it is absorbed really best when the tomatoes are cooked or have been processed.  Ingesting tomato sauce, tomato paste, and ketchup is pretty much more effective than just eating the raw tomatoes. To bump up that absorption, it is more favorable to eat the lycopene with a fat such as olive oil, eggs, avacado because it is fat soluable.

#2 Red Meatmeat
Although red meat contains saturated fat and cholesterol, we think it’s always bad for us…but lean red meat is very high in protein and zinc.

Your skin needs the amino acids glycine and proline to produce collagen and the protein in red meat has the highest concentration of these two amino acids. The mineral zinc is also crucial for collagen production. “It’s an essential cofactor,”says Dr. Wu. “Without enough zinc, it’s difficult for the skin to make collagen. Plus, zinc is a natural anti-inflammatory.” And vegetarians don’t need to miss out. Dr. Wu adds that high concentrations of glycine can also be found in seafood, proline in cottage cheese and cabbage, and zinc in lentils, kidney beans, and raw oysters.

#3Green Teatea
Green tea is especially a powerful antioxidant as we all have been taught in recent times. It has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects that are attributed to  high concentration of catechin compounds. To help protect the skin, it can be used both orally and topically against sunburns and UV associated skin cancers. We also have found through research if you continuously drink a cup of green tea twice a day for six months that it could reverse your sun damage and significantly improve many problems that you may have with redness of the skin  and broken capillary veins.

#4Green Beans beans
Green Beans, can actually help you grow thicker hair and healthier nails because they are one of the richest sources of silicon.  The USDA has not yet established recommended daily intakes (RDIs) of silicon, but 10 mg per day seems to be adequate for strengthening hair and nails, according to recent studies. Dr. Wu recommends choosing organic green beans, since they retain more silicon from the soil.

Most people think of salmon when they think of omega-3 fatty acids,  walnuts are also extremely high in omega-3. If you are riddled with redness, swelling, blotchiness, acne breakouts, or wrinkles, walnuts may be perfect for you. Plant-based omega-3s, like the ones found in walnuts, are naturally anti-inflammatory and they can help seal moisture into your skin and protect it from chemicals and other toxins.  Other foods that can also increase the amount of omega-3s in your diet are almonds, olive oil, and flaxseed.

Yogurt is a natural probiotic, which means that it helps replenish the “good” bacteria in your body and keeps yeast in check. So, Dr. Wu says, yogurt is an excellent Feed Your Face food for dealing with acne breakouts, eczema, and even dandruff. Just make sure you always pick a low-fat and low-sugar yogurt, since sugar sometimes aggravates inflammation. And if you think your breakouts are related to dairy, Dr. Wu suggests skipping the yogurt and going straight for a probiotic supplement instead.

So, we can always find different types of things to keep our skin healthy, even from the inside out!

Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

March 5th, 2013 by Mary 8 comments »

Have you ever wondered why the celebrities look so great? Probably because they have to! They are on top of their game when it comes to skin care. Obviously they are in the spotlight so they have to look their best.

Coming from  http://www.bettyconfidential.com Jennifer Aniston just washes with Neutrogena soap some nights, and doesn’t do anything extra. She looks great.

Molly Sims claims she makes her own home made exfoliate out of honey and moisturizer. Very refreshing.

Jessica Alba swears by always remembering to wash her face before going to bed. Never skip, and always moisturize.

I found that Cindy Crawford has her own line of beauty products named Meaningful Beauty. You have to admit Cindy looks fabulous for her age. (46) Cindy has been using her own products for over 10 years.

Internationally Acclaimed Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh is who Ms Crawford collaborates with to formulate these affordable products.

Susan Lucci is a beauty as well. She just looks wonderful for her 66 years of age. Ms Lucci has her own skin care line as well and sells her products on the Home Shopping Network. The brand is Youthful Essance.

There you can purchase everything from cleansers to a microdermabrasion resurfacing cream.  It must be a great product because Susan looks great!

For the younger crowd, Seventeen Magazine http://www.seventeen.com/ reviews some of the best skin care secrets from Lauren Conrad, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus and others.

Lauren confesses how she had bad skin in high school and went with the proactive line. The three step plan works perfectly for her and look how great her skin looks now.

Selena uses a light coat of Oil of Olay’s SPF lotion under her makeup. She looks great and is protecting her skin early on, just as I always advise!

AnnaLynne McCord highly recommends sleep, as well as a habit of cleansing not once, but twice a day. She uses BenzaClin once a day as well. She also enjoys a clay mask from time to time and is very smart by using an SPF already any time she plans on being out in the sun.

So whoever you want to take advice from, one or all, take care of your skin, you’ll look and feel great for it.


February 10th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

Frigid Winter temperatures can not only wreak havoc on your skin, but can ultimately be serious. If your skin is exposed to very cold air and sometimes wind combined, you may end up with a condition called frostbite.

The skin can actually become damaged by freezing. The frostbite usually would begin in the farthest extremities from your heart, being your hands and feet. Many times your nose or ears may be affected. If a person continues to stay in the conditions the frostbite most likely will become worse and spread to more and more skin over the time it is exposed.

You may have the beginning of frostbite if the skin has turned gray or yellow, if it feels wax like, is itchy and burns, or is feeling numb.

There are degrees of frostbite, almost like degrees of burns.

First degree only affects the surface of the skin.

Second degree is a condition where after a few days blisters may form. Usually this will heal in about  a months time.

Third degree is deep tissue damage. tendons, muscles, blood vessels and nerves all freeze. This is when frostbite really becomes serious. Sometimes the fingers or toes or other parts will fall off due to the damages.

The treatment for frostbite varies depending upon the degree. The most important is that the area/areas need to be rewarmed, and kept warm. Movement of the area affected can be detrimental to healing. The area may need to be wrapped and possibly splinted to deter movement.

The best way to treat frostbite is to try very hard to avoid it. By covering yourself very well in frigid conditions will help. Try not to allow your bare skin to be exposed any longer than necessary.

Frostbite needs to be treated as soon as possible by seeking medical attention.


Winter Skin Problems

February 8th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

For those who live in the cold weather areas, there are some skin troubles that you will incur since we seem to be in the height of this sometimes miserable time of year. It’s gotten pretty cold in some areas, and we must try to do what we can to keep our skin healthy.

As always, please use SUNSCREEN, even though you aren’t planning on going out sun tanning, the sun’s rays are still dangerous to your skin YEAR ROUND!!

Since the winter cold months tend to be much dryer, not so much humidity in the air, we will start getting dryer and dryer if we do not keep on top of our skin care regimens.

One thing that is still very important is that we drink plenty of water, even this time of the year. You hydrate from the inside as well as doing the regular skin treatments that are necessary.

Remember especially to moisturize, using yoyr favorite moisturizers, and try to reapply it if you can more than once a day. This not only means your face, but your whole body, because the winter dryness affects all of the skin. Many times the dryness causes itchiness and the constant scratching may even bring on more problems.

When going out in the winter, there is a fair chance that there will be wind involved, so try to keep your face covered with a scarf if possible. This will cut down on one of the reasons for dryness, and patches of dry skin. You can even get a wind burn in the cold winter months, so please heed this advice.

So, really you have to remember to extra moisturize, also be careful in the cold because it very well can even lead to frostbite. Frostbite is not something we want to encounter. The skin can be very sensitive and the hands and feet are the first parts usually affected.

So please enjoy your outdoor winter activities, but be careful!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Great Skin

February 4th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

So you are trying to figure out what kind of gift to give a loved one for Valentine’s Day? I have the best idea for you. There are different options for the gift you may want to give, so I will share with you the ones that I would really like to get for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you will get some inspiration from me!


So, I really enjoy going to the spa of course, so a gift certificate for one of my favorite spas would of course be right on top of that list! Here I would love to get a facial, a spa massage treatment, or many other different skin treatments to keep my skin healthy, plus feel really good as well. Maybe is you would like, make an appointment for the spa, and do a couples day at the spa!  But, also not just the spa gift certificate, you may want to add the certificate to the ROSES that you got as a nice thoughtful and maybe romantic gift. Lol.


Another Idea for the more creative type of gifter, perhaps you may like to put together a gift basket with all of the cosmetics and skin care products your Valentine loves. You can find a heart shaped container, or an ordinary basket and fill it up. Maybe that’s where you will put that spa gift certificate as well!!


Some people believe chocolates are bad for the skin, but anything in moderation should be okay here. Try to include some chocolates with your gift, since it seems to be the typical traditional Valentine’s Day gift. I enjoy my chocolate, as I said, in moderation, due to the fact that it does cause breakouts if you are eating more than you should.

Melanoma – the Silent Killer

January 20th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

I am writing today to beg everyone out there to heed the advice that I ALWAYS share.


I am especially writing today because a friend of mine who has been fighting melanoma may be in her last hours of her time in this world.

I don’t mean to be a downer to anyone here, but I am serious when I write that advice. The pain and suffering that she has endured for the past months has been incredible and too much for anyone to bear.

My friend made the mistake of sun tanning in her younger years and not using sunscreen, using oils and anything she could to get the golden tan everyone desires. Unknowingly the effects at that time.

At this time I know as a fact it was due to this that she is now where she is. It’s a very sad thing to share with you, but if it’s what it takes to save anyone from this terrible cancer I will do it.

I am sorry if this is shocking, but it’s the TRUTH =/

In Memory of Angi 1/23/2013 xoxoxo

Treating Burns

January 4th, 2013 by Mary No comments »

There are three types of burns you can encounter. First, second and third degree are the categories, in order of the severity of the burn . Treating burns can be very tricky. The first thing you need to figure out is what degree is the burn. Some ways of getting burned are hot water, heat, light, the sun’s rays, electricity, and some chemicals, plus many other ways.

First degree burns are burns that are mostly like a typical sunburn, where the skin gets very red and it may sting. You can get it from the sun, hot water,  and sometimes even rubbing too quickly on fabrics and such..sometimes there is swelling involved.

Second degree burns are more damaging. they will develop blisters, you will have more extreme pain, and the skin will be very red and sometimes take on a blotchy appearance.

Third degree burns are the far worst of all burns. You almost definitely may need medical attention to these type of burns, especially if t has covered a large area. these burns are typically caused from fire, extremely hot surfaces such as stoves, fireplaces, and boiling water for a few. If you get third degree burns on a large portion of your body, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room or burn unit.

Sometimes when you burn your skin, it stings badly at first, then it seems to get worse over time. I found that when i had a burn, bringing it closer to a heat source makes the pain more intense. So for this reason, I would encourage you to not put the burned area near the stove, fireplace or any other extremely hot area you need to be near.

If you have a blister, it may not hurt until it opens. Popping a burn blister yourself s not really a good idea, as it will give the burn an entry for germs and you may get an infection. Best thing for the blister is to leave t alone.  If the blisters are very large, they may need to be covered loosely.

Burn treatment:

First thing to do is get cold water on the burn to start cooling it down. Never use ice on the burn. Never put butter on the burn, that’s an old wive’s tale and it is worse for the burn.

If you are burned with fire and your clothing is stuck to your skin, do not remove it and go to the emergency room or burn unit immediately.

Take a pain reliever, over the counter products are fine. The anti inflammatories are good ideas to use due to the swelling you may encounter.

Natural remedies for treating burns:

Placing a cloth soaked in cold milk every 15 minutes on the burns .

Honey has many healing properties. Putting honey on the burns can reduce the healing time, and may also diminish scarring to the area.

Vinegar has always helped me when I have gotten a bad sunburn. Although this doesn’t happen any longer because I use SUNSCREEN every day!!

For the minor burns, using a layer of toothpaste has been known to relieve the pain and may possibly reduce scarring as well.

Vitamin E is a good therapy for burns.

I  have heard egg whites have been used , although I feel this is not a great idea, it may cause infection to the open wounds.

To eliminate scarring try using Bio Oil.

Be very careful as to whatever you use for any open burn wound. If you need some opinion, please refer to your physician for any clarification.

Overlooked Cheap Skincare Product

December 31st, 2012 by Healthy Skin No comments »

I believe that the greatest way to have great skin is to feed your body the right vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to create and restore beautiful healthy skin.  Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to ingest enough of these foods containing everything we need to have better skin, but there is one product that people rarely ever associate with great skin.

This product that I’m talking about is inexpensive.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing it.  This product even tastes good.  You can find it at almost any grocery or drug store as well.  You can scroll to the bottom to see what this great mystery product is and ge ta free sample, or you  can read about a couple of the benefits here first.

Potassium – Studies show that a deficiency in potassium can result in dry skin.  Why spend all of this time rubbing a lotion on your face to temporarily alleviate dry skin when you can sip on a drink that can do even more for moisturizing your skin from within.  Our product gives you a 200 mg of potassium per serving.

Calcium – Calcium aids with cell renewal, lipid barrier function, and antioxidant protection from DNA damage.  It also helps with hydration, like potassium.  Our drink contains 50 mg of Calcium per serving.

Magnesium – Magnesium is another mineral that aids in hydrating your skin naturally.  Magnesium is also a natural detoxifier that can remove toxins from your body that can cause skin problems.  The mystery product has 15% of your daily value.

Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6  encourages better oxygenation of your skin cells and also helps with circulation and multiplication of skin cells.  You’ll get 417% of your daily value from this drink.

Vitamin C – This is the main selling point for the product for many reasons.  The reasons we have here are different as we are looking for some natural skin care.  Vitamin C is critical to the formation of collagen.  It helps to break down free radicals that cause a majority of skin damage and is a natural form of sunscreen in your body because is enhances photoprotection.  There is a whopping 1,667% of your daily value of Vitamin C in this product.

Can you guess what the product is yet?


Emergen-C is a powdered drink that a lot of people take mainly for the sake of boosting their immune system.   There are a variety of water soluble vitamins and minerals that do a great deal to boost your immune system, increase your energy and even enhance your skin’s health naturally.

Click here to found out how to get a free sample of Emergen-C.

New Year’s Resolution – Healthiest Skin

December 29th, 2012 by Mary No comments »

So you haven’t been paying enough attention to your skin care this year? Now is the time when most people make their New Year Resolutions. Why don’t you make this coming year’s resolution to be to take great care of your skin?? You may be able to avoid some problems that you have not yet encountered hopefully. Or, try to repair some of the damage that you may have gotten by not taking the proper care of your skin. Find your favorite new skin care products this year, why not take it on?

I live in the part of our country that sometimes has a harsh winter, and I have been really trying to get into my skin care regimen on a daily basis. I look into all the different options, such as the one’s posted on this site..check some out :)  One thing I love is to read about Dr Oz and all of his many ways to take care of yourself, and especially your skin!

Your skin always takes a beating during the weather changes that constantly fluctuate all year round. In the winter as we are coming into it now, the dry cold air is so damaging to your skin. Make sure to always hydrate, even in the cold weather. Always prepare your skin in the morning for the day. Use your favorite moisturizer to nurture your skin and leave it always feeling soft and not dry and chapped.

Don’t forget the SUNSCREEN!!!! Even in the winter, the sun’s rays are a damaging factor for your skin. Just because you aren’t going to the beach, parks, swimming outdoors, etc… doesn’t mean the rays are not harmful. My constant advice never waivers, NEVER GO OUTDOORS WITHOUT APPLYING SUNSCREEN !

Hoping your new year brings you a beautiful complexion, healthy skin and a safe and Happy New Year.


Cystic Acne Treatment Q&A

December 10th, 2012 by Healthy Skin No comments »

Cystic acne has become the popular name for a form of acne vulgaris that is characterized by the deep inflamed breakouts that occur mainly on an affected person’s face or other parts of their skin.  Officially, cystic acne include painful cysts, but people consider harsh forms of acne to be cystic.

Anybody can be at risk for cystic acne.  Statistically though, this is a much more common condition for teenage boys and younger men.

Teenage boys are more at risk because one of the main causes of cystic acne is overactive oil glands.  During puberty and entering manhood, boys will be susceptible to hormone changes that bring on overactive oil glands.  Usually this will go away into adulthood.

Battling this severe acne outbreak can be difficult.  It is a longer process than treating a single zit.  Lifestyle changes should be implemented in order to get rid of cystic acne and to prevent it from coming back any time in the future.

Doctor Recommended Treatments

Oral Antibiotics

A common cause of this form of acne is a particular bacteria known as Propionibacteria acnes.  Oral antibiotics have been shown to be one of the best cures for cystic acne.  The antibiotics will reduce inflammation and kill off the bacteria that are linked to the outbreaks.  Initially your doctor will prescribe large doses of the medication which will taper off as the acne goes away.  Treatment can last months, but the effects can be permanent or last for years.

Topical Antibiotics

These topical antibiotics also work by reducing inflammation and attacking the bacteria that causes the acne cysts.  The creams or gels will also start with high doses which taper off.  Many people will complain about the irritation that occurs upon early usage, but that usually will fade away as your skin adjusts to the new medication.  Commonly prescribed topical antibiotics for cystic acne are erythromycin and clindamycin

Surgical Excision/Drainage

This is not the end all, be all treatment.  When a doctor feels the cysts are in need of draining, they will make small incisions then drain out the liquid from the cysts.  This is thought to speed up the healing process and is often done before an individual begins his/her antibiotic treatment.

At Home Treatments

The following are for those of you who cannot make it to a dermatologist and those that prefer homemade treatments.

Baking Soda

Baking soda can act as an astringent which will draw out the excess oils from your skin while providing relief to your skin.  An easy way to apply this is to mix equal parts baking soda and water, then use the paste to wash your face.   You can also add sea salt to this mixture to help sooth the inflamed cysts.  Another option would be to leave the baking soda on your face as a mask to let it draw out the oils and kill the bacteria that is causing the boils.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This one will prevent future breakouts.  Apple cider vinegar helps to neutralize pH levels in your skin.  Dilute the vinegar with equal parts water, then apply to your face after washing to prevent future breakouts.

Change in Habits

There are a lot of things you can do to change your lifestyle in small ways to prevent future outbreaks of cystic acne.  Some simple strategies include:

  • Washing with a more gentle cleanser
  • Avoiding hats, especially when you sweat
  • Avoid oily and greasy foods
  • Drink more water