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A Few Skin Care Tips Using Honey

November 20th, 2012 by Mary Leave a reply »

Not only is it oh so sweet and scrumptious, honey has been known to have many benefits in the field of natural healing.Honey contains antiseptic values that can fight infections and help the healing process as well.

Honey is a very valuable alternative to using many of the powerful skin treatments that we are used to seeing over the counter and that our doctor’s prescribing every day. The possibilities are many, from healing cuts to helping with dissipation of scars, to eliminating wrinkles.

One of the useful things I have spoken about previously here, for acne, a simple honey recipe along with lemon, and apple cider vinegar can be a terrific “spot” treatment.

A type of honey, Manuka Honey, from New Zealand has been known to alleviate athlete’s foot. It has been said to use it at least three times daily topically on the feet. Also, taking about a tablespoon by mouth three times daily it will be necessary to treat the same. There is also a Manuka oil that you can use afterwards for two weeks to be sure the treatment has done it’s work. This honey produced in New Zealand has extremely strong healing properties. I would try it!

There’s also many home made facial masks and scrubs you can create that contain honey in the ingredients. One thing I like is that it’s a SAFE ingredient. Because of it’s use as an exfoliant it helps to loosen dead skin cells and help to stimulate the collagen production, which can make the skin less wrinkly in time, if you continue to keep on using it loyally. It also has great moisturizing properties, so that’s another plus for your face to continue to appear soft and stay younger looking.


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