What are the home remedies for crepey skin? Crepey skins are one of the complex conditions of skin aging that reflect natural and extrinsic intrinsic processes. Intrinsic aging is a function of individual heredity, and the result of the passage of time is physiologically unavoidable.

Home Remedies For Crepey Skin

This problem most often occurs on skin areas exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck, arms, and forearms. The main cause of crepey skin is sun exposure, although genetics can also play a role. Pollutants and smoking habits can also contribute to crepey skin.

Many treatment options can help to smooth or disguise this aging problem of the skin. Various medical procedures and drugs can make the skin smooth and well-groomed. However, keeping the skin tight before crepey skins appear would be better.

Causes of Crepey Skins

Home Remedies For Crepey Skin

Crepey skins are a natural part of the aging process in everyone. However, your skin becomes thinner as you age, and its elasticity decreases, making it harder to protect yourself from damage. That way, crepey skins, creases, and fine lines on the skin are visible.

In addition, facial expressions displayed, such as smiling, frowning, or squinting, can also cause crepey skin. This becomes more apparent with increasing age. In the end, crepey skin on the skin becomes something permanent.

Home Remedies For Crepey Skin 

  1. Drink more Water

The first way to prevent crepey skin is to drink water diligently. Because providing hydration from the outside is not enough. Drinking lots of water is one of the easiest home remedies for crepey skin to do, but people often ignore it.

You still have to meet your daily water needs. The body needs water for almost every function. Including helping the skin look healthy and hydrated from within.

  1. Exercise or Work Out

The following way to prevent crepey skin is to exercise regularly. In this case, repetitive facial movements, such as squinting, frowning, or pursed lips, can accelerate the formation of crepey skins.

You need to have your eyes checked to get a doctor’s treatment. You can also do exercise, meditation, or yoga to prevent repetitive movements of the face.

  1. Consume Foods Rich in Vitamins

A 2019 study in the Netherlands found that dietary habits were linked to crepey facial skin, especially for women. So it is important to pay attention to what you eat.

Foods rich in anti-inflammatories or antioxidants will increase skin elasticity and protect it from harm and premature aging.

  1. Pay attention to the sleeping position

In addition to consuming foods rich in vitamins, the following way to prevent crepey skin is to pay attention to your sleeping position. A 2016 study showed that sleeping position impacted the formation of crepey skins. This could be one of the home remedies for crepey skin that you must try.

People who sleep on their side will provide mechanical stress that accelerates the formation of crepey skins. Sleeping on your back is best to prevent crepey skin and improve blood circulation.

  1. Use a Moisturizer

The moisturizer acts as water for your face. It helps nourish and hydrate the skin. This becomes especially important as you age as your skin tends to become drier.

This triggers the appearance of crepey skins. Research shows that moisturizers containing hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are very effective at preventing crepey skin and preventing them from deepening reasonably long. In addition, bruising and swelling are usually visible after a few weeks postoperatively.

  1. Never Forget Your Sunscreen

As we know, exposure to the sun’s rays can stimulate premature aging and crepey skin. Therefore, you must protect your skin by applying sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and 50 daily.

Home Remedies For Crepey Skin

Those are six home remedies for crepey skin that you can apply. However, remember that you must consistently do those things above for noticeable results. If you have a problem with acne, you can treat it with home remedies using aloe vera: Aloe Vera For Acne: 6 Ways To Use It Properly.

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