Acne on the jaw is one of women’s and men’s most unpleasant problems. The appearance of acne on the jaw may be associated with disorders of the digestive and endocrine systems. But, first, it concerns diseases of the female reproductive glands – ovaries or disturbed hormonal balance in the sexual sphere (elevated levels of male sex hormones). Next, we will explain why acne appears on the jaw, what they mean, and how to remove them.

Causes of Acne On The Jaw

Oily skin is more prone to imperfections. They appear against the background of dysfunctional sebaceous glands – excess sebum mixed with external impurities and horny cells of the epidermis clog the mouths of hair follicles and enlarged pores, creating a sebum plug – the ideal environment for the reproduction of bacteria. Let’s find out why acne appears on the jaw.

Acne On The Jaw

There are many causes of acne in the jaw area. Let’s list the main ones:

  • hormonal imbalance;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • improper diet;
  • improper skin care.

The main reason acne occurs on the jaw is that several bacteria, particularly propionibacterium acnes, usually inhabit our skin. The peculiarity of these microorganisms is that they lead an anaerobic life. That is, they do not need access to air. Moreover, oxygen is poison to them. Therefore, inside the comedon, the conditions for acne bacteria are ideal: the absence of air and abundant nutrition. Consequently, they begin to multiply actively, and their waste products provoke inflammatory reactions, which leads to the transformation of a harmless black spot in the pimple and rash.

If the acne on the jaw develops into a skin rash, you probably have perioral dermatitis. It’s caused by too much skincare, and the skin loses its ability to produce lipids and fats. Thus, it appears flaky and dry. Pathogens can cause inflammation.

What helps against perioral dermatitis? Dermatologists recommend avoiding creams and washing lotions and pimples. After some time, the inflamed skin will regulate itself. In bad cases, antibiotics can be administered by the dermatologist.

The Tips

Acne On The Jaw

Whether as a teenager, during pregnancy, during stressful phases of life, or just because no matter when acne appears, they always do so at the worst possible time. They cause fine dust, stress, and hormonal fluctuations far beyond puberty. The acne then appears mainly in the T-zone, i.e., on the forehead, nose, and jaw. Especially acne along the jawline and on the neck can have various causes. They can be elegantly hidden with a scarf or turtleneck but can leave scars quickly. We show reasons and tricks against blemished skin on the jaw.


We can treat acne on the jaw with salicylic acid or alcohol-based anti-pimple dabs. However, it is essential to note that dab the product exclusively on the inflamed skin areas, not the clear skin. This is because the harsh active ingredients attack the skin’s protective acid mantle, have a strong drying effect, and, in the worst case, unnecessarily boost sebum production.


Bacteria often cause acne on the jaw. Whether on your fingers, cell phone, or scarf: if you constantly touch your skin with contaminated objects, you will soon “enjoy” a few new roommates. If you want to get rid of acne on the jaw, the following applies: do not play around with your fingers on the jaw or neck. Squeezing the acne usually doesn’t help but makes the inflamed skin areas worse. Even if acnes are an annoying leftover from youth: Squeezing, scratching, and squeezing should be discontinued by adulthood at the latest.


Hormone fluctuations, stress, and a bad diet can cause acne and inflammation along the jawline and neck. Especially during menstruation, increased production of male hormones can lead to more acne on the jaw. For example, testosterone stimulates the sebaceous glands and thus causes increased sebum production, which at the same time promotes pimples. Birth control pills can also negatively affect the skin. An expert can check the hormone levels and suggest suitable therapies, such as monk’s pepper or a mineral complex.


Clean properly, not only the face but also the neck, the jawline, and the décolleté. Light cleansing milk, gentle micellar water, and a balancing toner or oil are obligatory here. The combination with a facial brush is the pore-deep clean freestyle. Peelings, masks, and steam baths additionally cleanse the skin and refine its appearance. If the skin tends to develop pimples on the chin despite thorough cleansing, there may be an intolerance to certain fragrances or ingredients. For blemished skin on the face, you should therefore use a non-comedogenic, i.e., not pore-clogging, and mild care product.


Studies want to prove that consuming dairy products can increase blemished skin and acne. The reason for this is said to be the hormones contained in milk. So anyone who suffers from acne on the jaw can consistently avoid yogurts, lattes, and cheese for a while – and observe the skin’s appearance.


Cleaning is an essential step on the way to acne-free skin on the jaw. This is true not only for facial skin but also for makeup sponges and brushes. Dead skin cells, bacteria, natural oils, and sweat settle in the pores and fibers of the tools, which can lead to pimples.

Sometimes during menopause, minor acne on the jaw appears in women who have not previously encountered the problem of acne. The cause may be a change in the hormonal background. However, it is worth seeing a doctor fight the plague properly. A dermatologist will write a referral for consultation with at least two other specialists – a gynecologist and an endocrinologist. Otherwise, we can not identify the cause of hormonal pimples on the jaw. Some investigations are also possible. 

What Acne On The Jaw Means According To Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, acne and blemishes tell a lot about the organs. In the so-called face mapping, certain parts of the face are assigned to the organs. Acne in these areas has different causes. The cause of acne can be treated more specifically by concluding organ problems.

Acne On The Jaw

Acne on the chin, jawline, and neck are also known as “period pimples” in TCM. During menstruation, the hormone balance becomes imbalanced; the result is impure skin in the region around the chin. Stress can also promote the formation of pimples. During stress, the body releases the hormone cortisol, which is also a cause of acne on the jaw in TCM. If the blemishes only appear directly in the middle of the jaw, according to TCM, a disturbed gastrointestinal tract is responsible for the pimples.

With TCM we can understand the “message” conveyed by the body through acne on the face. By understanding the message, we can know the health condition of our bodies. A map of facial acne by zone, and what each pimple means in areas of our face, we can see in the following article: FIND OUT THE 7 SECRETS OF PIMPLES MEANING ON FACE AND HOW TO TREAT THEM.

The advice for acne on the jaw is to reduce stress, pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fiber and pamper the skin with special extra care against pimples, for example, a clarifying mask.

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