Eczema or atopic dermatitis is an ailment that produces itchy, dry, and irritated skin. It is most frequent in children, but it can happen in adults. This illness is a chronic condition that flares up from time to time. Even though this skin problem is less contagious, many people still what to know eczema is caused by what factors.

Causes of Eczema

Atopic dermatitis is linked to a gene mutation that alters the skin’s capacity to offer protection in certain persons. The skin’s barrier function is compromised, making it less capable of retaining moisture and protecting against germs, irritants, pollutants, and environmental influences such as cigarette smoke.

Eczema Is Caused By What 2

Atopic dermatitis is caused in some persons by an overgrowth of the Staphylococcus aureus. This displaces beneficial microorganisms and compromises the skin’s barrier properties. A weakened skin barrier function may also generate an immune system reaction, resulting in irritated skin as well as other symptoms.

The most serious thing regarding eczema is caused by what factor is a history of eczema, hay fever, allergies, or asthma. Having relatives with these illnesses raises your risk. A high proportion of children with eczema may suffer asthma later in life. It’s unclear why, but kids born to older mothers likely will acquire eczema are than those born to younger women. Children are prone to get dermatitis issue if they come from a higher socioeconomic class, or live in polluted cities or colder climates.

The causes of eczema can also be distinguished based on the types of eczema. Several types of eczema that can be read about in the articles on this blog are:

By knowing the types of eczema, we can distinguish eczema is caused by what factor.


Hay fever and asthma are common symptoms of dermatitis. This can occur before or after the onset of dermatitis. Food allergies are also common in people with dermatitis. Urticarial or called hives is one of the signs of this illness.

Dermatitis skin ailment starts with itching skin. You scrape the affected region, which only gives brief relief. Scratching and itching can trigger the nerve in your skin. You can scratch out of routine over time. The afflicted skin may become thick, discolored, and leathery because of this disorder.

Scratching that tears the skin will result in sores and fissures. These enhance the likelihood of bacterial and viral infection. These skin diseases are transmitted and become fatal. Hand dermatitis is especially problematic for workers whose hands are frequently moist and subjected to strong soaps, disinfectants, and detergents.

Contact dermatitis caused by allergies is widespread in persons who suffer from atopic dermatitis. It is an itchy rash produced by coming into contact with anything to which you are allergic. The hue of the rash depends on skin tone. Depression and anxiety are linked to atopic dermatitis. This might be connected to the persistent itching and sleep issues that atopic dermatitis patients experience.


After knowing eczema is caused by what factors, we can take preventive measures so that we can avoid this skin disease.

Eczema Is Caused By What 3

Having a skin care regimen aids in the prevention of eczema flare-ups. You need to pick the proper care that suits your skin tone, texture, and condition. Moisturize the skin twice per day. Creams, lotions, and ointments keep moisture in. Select items that bring effective results for you. Ideally, the ideal one for you will be odorless, safe, and effective.

Take a shower every day. Use warm water and keep showering for no more than 10 minutes. Use a soap-free cleaner. Select a cleanser devoid of colors, alcohol, and aroma. For small toddlers, you normally simply need warm water to clean them, no bubble bath or soap is required. 

Soap can be very irritating to children’s skin. Deodorant soap can get rid of much oil and will dry up the skin in persons of all ages. Avoid using a washcloth to scrub your skin. After showering, use a towel to clean the skin gently. While your skin is still wet, apply moisturizer within three minutes. Taking preventive measures will be much helpful to avoid severe conditions in the future. In fact, might not know when and where the skin problem will occur. After knowing what factors related to eczema is caused by what, you just apply the routines that have the capability to ease this issue.

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