Pimple on Lip After Kissing Someone: How to Deal With It?

Wednesday, October 12th 2022. | Acne and Pimple

Pimple on lip after kissing someone can happen. But it’s not because of the kiss, but because of other factors resulting from it.

Pimple On Lip After Kissing Someone

Here are some factors that can cause pimple on lip after kissing someone.

  1. Stress Factor

When kissing, it could be that you are under pressure because this is your first kiss, so there is a feeling of nervousness. This nervous feeling can make you have an anxious mind. As a result, the hormones in your body react so that, in the end, it causes acne. One of those pimples appears on your lips.

  1. Bacteria and Fungi

Maybe you and your partner have a tight and deep kiss on the lips. You don’t know, and it turns out that bacteria and fungi he brought out of nowhere on your partner’s lips. These fungi and bacteria then develop on your lips. Because your lips are sensitive, these bacteria irritate your lips. This causes your lips to feel itchy and reddish. So there is a pimple on lip after kissing someone.

  1. Hormone Factor

You may be entering puberty at this time. At this age of puberty, it is very natural for someone to get acne on the face. This is the presence of hormones actively working, causing acne to grow. This can occur not only at the age of puberty but can occur in pregnant or postmenopausal women.

When you kiss during puberty, a pimple grows on your face and, coincidentally, on your lips.

So pimple on lip after kissing someone appears not because of the kiss but because of usual hormonal factors. It’s just that these pimples appear by chance after you kiss.

  1. Your Boyfriend has a beard.

If your partner has a beard, be careful when kissing. However, there is a significant disadvantage: When kissing, they can irritate our skin quite violently. Some women even suffer from it and don’t want to kiss their boyfriends anymore because the skin gets red and sometimes sore. We have some helpful tips on how you can help your sensitive skin. The irritation caused by the beard is then mistaken for a pimple on lip after kissing someone.

Fortunately, many women who struggle with irritation from their partner’s beard growth only had these problems at the beginning of their relationship. The skin can get used to the outrage over time.

How To Reduce The Chance Of Getting Pimple On Lip After Kissing Someone

Pimple On Lip After Kissing Someone

We can not avoid the growth of pimples on our faces, including pimple that grows on the lips. Many factors cause acne on the lips. But we can still minimize the possibility of acne on the lips after kissing someone. Here are some tips.

  • Before kissing, clean your lips and your boyfriend’s lips with antiseptic wipes to reduce bacteria and fungi.
  • Use gentle care. Don’t use glycolic or salicylic acid products because they can burn your skin after making it out. Should you use acne products: These irritate and dry out the skin to some extent. So, if you’re planning another romantic evening with your boyfriend, use products that soothe sensitive skin a few days ahead— natural face oil or soothing serum.
  • Ask your boyfriend to use beard oil. Bacteria slumber in beards in more significant numbers than one might expect. As a result, men should also assist and adequately care for their beards. Lather up with baby shampoo or mild soap and thoroughly wash. Following that, your loved one should apply excellent beard oil. The result is silky soft stubble.

How To Get Rid Of Pimple On Lip After Kissing Someone

Skin impurities such as blackheads and pimples are always unpleasant for the person affected. Pimples are particularly annoying and painful when they appear on such a sensitive area as the lip. 

Pimples affect a large number of adults and teenagers. It’s especially troublesome because pimples around the lips and mouth are notoriously tricky to remove. While you may be hesitant to use creams or cleansers so close to your mouth, the tips provided here will assist you in treating pimples around your lips safely and effectively.

  1. Use benzoyl peroxide

Pimple on lip treatment with benzoyl peroxide is considered adequate. It works by removing bacteria and pimples from the face quickly. Most pharmacies sell benzoyl peroxide as an over-the-counter medication.

When applying it around your mouth, use caution. If you have pimples on your lips, avoid benzoyl peroxide and use one of the non-chemical treatments listed below.

  1. Apply ice to your pimples

Ice reduces the inflammation and redness caused by pimples. It tightens blood vessels, draws out oil and bacteria, and speeds up skin healing.

Put an ice cube in a towel or napkin and apply it to the area to be treated. Remove after a few seconds.

Wait a few minutes before putting the ice cube back on your pimples. Remove and reapply the ice cube to your pimples three or four times.

For maximum effectiveness, repeat the treatment several times per day.

  1. Apply lemon juice to the pimples

Lemon juice’s acidity kills bacteria while also drying out pimples. Before bed, soak a sterile cotton ball in the liquid and press it against your pimples because bottled lemon juice contains preservatives that irritate the skin. Use freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  1. Expose your pimples to steam

The steam opens the skin’s pores, allowing bacteria and dirt to escape. You reduce the inflammation risk but also prevent new pimples from forming. This treatment can be performed by either taking a hot shower or leaning over a bowl of hot water. Leave the steam on your skin for 20-30 minutes for the best results.

Suppose you’ve ever gotten a pimple on your lips after kissing someone. In that case, you may feel the pimple is painful and uncomfortable.

Pimple On Lip After Kissing Someone

To deal with acne on the lips, you must get the correct information to take the right action to overcome the pimple. In addition to the methods listed above, you can use honey and cinnamon as a home remedy: Honey And Cinnamon Help Acne: A Proven Home Remedy Recipe.
Enjoy your days with your boyfriend, and I hope you don’t get any more pimple on lip after kissing someone.

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