Pimples on the Forehead Causes and 4 Proven Tips to Get Rid of Them Easily

Wednesday, December 14th 2022. | Acne and Pimple

It’s not strange that we don’t like acne because acne does have a big impact on the body or appearance. The pain and itching that attack often make us want to treat them immediately. However, before that, first know the pimples on the forehead causes.

Pimples On The Forehead Causes

4 Pimples on the Forehead Causes

Actually, what acne on the forehead is a sign? The appearance of pimples indicates the body is warning there is a disturbance. So, what exactly is the problem? 

1. Choose the Wrong Hairstyle

Do you believe the hairstyle could be the cause of the first pimples on the forehead causes? One of the reasons is that the hairstyle we choose affects the facial area. For example, if you choose bangs. Bangs tend to cover the forehead area, where they can prick the skin and cause pimples.

The bangs will work by trapping any dirt or oil produced there. So that the trapped fungus will accumulate and peak when exposed to sweat, then acne is born. Imagine how bad things could get.

2. Body Hormone Change

The second pimples on the forehead causes are related to hormonal fluctuations. Yes, we generally associate hormonal changes with acne on the forehead, especially for teenagers who may be going through puberty.

Then how do hormones affect the growth of acne? Basically, acne comes when the oil glands work too actively. One of the triggers of this “overwork” is hormonal changes. So that the oil content that has been “enough” actually produces more and clogs the skin’s pores.

3. Consuming Certain Drugs

This time, the cause of the third pimples on the forehead causes is related to drugs. Because some hair care products are made of ingredients such as steroids, lithium, and barbiturates. That is the reason why you need to be vigilant when choosing skincare ingredients. 

4. Experiencing High Stress

What happens if you experience stress? You might answer “easier to anger.” However, did you know that stress is pimples on the forehead causes? Moreover, when stressed, the T-zone area produces oil more easily than usual. Therefore, we must be good at maintaining mental conditions.

Many people also use honey and cinnamon to treat acne. Both ingredients are proven to be effective against acne on the face. If you are interested in using honey and cinnamon, please see the following article: Honey And Cinnamon Help Acne: A Proven Home Remedy Recipe.

4 Simple Ways to Overcome Acne on the Forehead

Pimples On The Forehead Causes

Have you ever wondered if a pimple on the forehead can go away? As acne arises due to some of the causes above, it too can be eradicated. For this reason, you should read through the following explanations:

1. Avoid Squeezing Pimples

You must have heard that one of the quick tips to get rid of pimples on the forehead is to squeeze them. However, this is not true because it makes the skin more irritated and sensitive. So that acne does not heal.

Then how? The trick is simple: to stop the habit of squeezing pimples. Then, make it a habit not to touch or feel the acne area because it could break the pimple and even leave a scar.

2. Compress the Forehead with Warm Water

The second simple tip to treat acne is to compress the forehead using warm water. This warm water has an important role in relieving the pain caused by acne inflammation. Once compressed, your forehead will also feel slightly better.

The steps are also quite easy, you just need to wash it clean with warm water. Then you can apply it to the pimple area. For maximum results, wait for this process to finish after 20 minutes.

3. Don’t use Oily Hair Products

This third method may be a little “sick” if you are used to using oily hair products because you need to stop using them for a while. According to research, oily hair products can clog pores, causing acne to appear.

4. Don’t Forget to Use Acne Medication

The last tip for eradicating acne on the forehead is to use acne medication. You can ask for a prescription from a trusted doctor. Usually, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoids are some of the ingredients in these drugs.

Pimples On The Forehead Causes

Thus the discussion about pimples on the forehead causes. As we know, acne will appear when we are under stress, choose the wrong hairstyle, or experience hormonal changes. It’s just that the key to the problem of acne is maintaining cleanliness.

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