Basal cell carcinoma surgery is required when a person suffers from basal cell carcinoma as a very serious malignancy.  This is very common among people who live in urban areas. Some people consider that this isn’t a severe problem though it can be fatal when there is no proper treatment. 

Several factors can cause basal cell carcinoma.  One of the leading causes is a cumulative dose of UV. The skin type may significantly influence the cause of basal cell carcinoma. 

Skin Cancer Treatment Cost

However, the most popular reason a person suffers from BCC is sun exposure, which is based on intensity and duration.

Exposure to the sun during childhood and teen may also cause BCC during adulthood. Even indoor tanning contributes to the cause of BCC development. Other causes of BCC include UV light therapy, family history, a fair complexion, skin type, and childhood sunburns. In sum, BCC rates have increased during the past decade. It can be because of the extreme sun exposure due to global warming.

What to Know About Cell Carcinoma Surgery

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common cancer in humans. It arises mainly on the skin exposed to the sun severely. Yet, it can also develop on soles and palms though it is rare. It is a tumor that is slow to grow. 

BCC is identified on clinical examination in which it looks like pink-colored flesh with telangiectatic vessels. In most cases, it appears on the head or neck though it may involve the trunk and extremities. BCC treatment usually requires surgical methods like excision, electrodesiccation, curettage, EDC or cryosurgery, and even Mohs micrographic surgery.

The standard therapy for basal cell carcinoma is to eradicate the tumor by surgery. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia. Occasionally, if it is impossible to remove all cancerous tissue the first time, follow-up surgery is necessary to prevent regrowth at that site.

Alternative procedures may be used for extensive tumors, in awkward locations that are difficult to operate on, or if a patient’s general health does not permit surgery. However, with these procedures, it is more difficult to determine whether all the tumor tissue has been destroyed and removed.

Those standard basal cell carcinoma surgery methods are conducted with 95% effectiveness. They are reserved for localized basal cell carcinoma with a rate of 5-year cure.  It is easy to summarize that BCC is not fatal cancer though it is also essential not to take this for granted. 

Treatment for Basal Cell Carcinoma Surgery

Skin Cancer Treatment Cost

Basal Cell Carcinoma surgery is necessary for anyone suffering from BCC. But, the selection of therapy may depend on several factors. Those factors include gender, age, and lesion type. This is because everyone has a different body condition, so there will be various treatment methods.

Some patients may need a biopsy as they might have suspected BCC based on their histologic subtype.  BCC treatments are crucial because such treatments can eradicate the tumor. This is to ensure that there will be no recurrence in the time to come.

Another necessity of basal cell carcinoma surgery or treatment is to fix any impairment of function resulting from the tumor.  Some patients may require additional therapies because this treatment can deliver good cosmetic results to the patient. This is because BCC occurs on the face.

However, BCC patients don’t have to undergo surgical treatment. Some patients can also get radiation therapy or medical treatment.  Another popular treatment is Mohs micrographic surgery. This kind of surgery delivers the best cure rate for the long term for most BCC patients.   

MMS becomes the primary choice for those who want to treat high-risk patients of BCC. Its cure rate is 99% because it removes all the tissue margins. Other kinds of treatment only remove outer margins. Meanwhile, MMS only takes thin tissue layers from the positive tumor margin areas. 

Besides, MMC minimizes the wound size with a high cosmetic outcome.

However, any basal cell carcinoma surgery is based on the patient’s condition. They must consult their doctors to get the best treatment for their BCC problem.

Maybe you also want to know how much the estimated cost of skin cancer surgery is. For an approximate calculation of this cost, please read the article Skin Cancer Treatment Cost. Hope that helps you.

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