Unlock The Secrets: What Causes Cystic Acne on the Chin and 4 Strategies to Prevent It

Saturday, December 17th 2022. | Acne and Pimple

Have you ever thought about the answer to what causes cystic acne on the chin? We all agree that this skin problem is very disturbing. For your information, new pimples will grow when facial skin pores are clogged with dead cells or bacteria. What do you think causes clogged pores?

What Causes Cystic Acne On The Chin

In terms of appearance, acne has a big impact on controlling self-confidence. Moreover, there are still many factors that cause acne. Do you want to be free from acne traps? Therefore, we need to know the cause in order to prevent its growth.

What Causes Cystic Acne on the Chin?

Cystic acne on the chin is a sign? Actually, the answer to this question is very diverse. It could be due to the body’s hormones, a mental condition, or not maintaining cleanliness. Therefore, let’s identify the contributing factors below:

1. Unclean Facial Skin

The first what causes cystic acne on the chin is closely related to how we keep our skin clean. That is, dirty skin can be the cause of acne. If the skin is not clean, usually all the dirt, such as oil and bacteria, will clog the pores. Well, this is where acne will be born.

2. Body Hormone Change

Furthermore, the second thing that what causes cystic acne on the chin is the body’s hormonal irregularities. What makes this condition possible? Hormones will change irregularly when our androgens increase (especially during puberty). So this situation forces excessive oil production.

When the supply of facial oil is too high, this stock will clog the pores on the face especially if you belong to the group of people who suffer from PCOS. Then the possibility of cystic acne growing on the chin is greater.

3. Shaving Hair Incorrectly

This time, what causes cystic acne on the chin is closely related to the habit of men, namely shaving. Have you shaved your hair or beard properly? Have you made sure the chin area is free of shaving marks? This is because the small scars that remain are what cause acne inflammation.

4. Being Stressed

What Causes Cystic Acne On The Chin

What causes cystic acne on the chin? The latter has to do with mental conditions. Have you noticed that when you are stressed, acne appears? What’s more, research has also shown that stress further promotes the development of acne. That is why, if you feel stressed, try to relax for a moment.


4 Simple Ways to Prevent Cystic Acne on the Chin

How long can cystic acne disappear? Basically, we can definitely get rid of any type of acne, including cystic acne. It’s just that this time the recovery process takes a long time. It can be more than a week because the acne grows from the deepest layer.

1. Maintaining the Cleanliness of Facial Skin

The first tip to prevent cystic acne is to treat and maintain facial skin cleanliness. In order for the face to be protected from bacteria, taking care of it is quite easy. In one day, you only need to wash your face twice. Don’t forget to break the habit of touching your face when your hands are dirty.

2. Don’t Squeeze Acne

Are you often annoyed by pimples, so you try to squeeze them to deflate them? Why can’t we touch or squeeze pimples? Because this habit actually exacerbates the infection, the recovery process is even longer.

3. Try an Acne Compress

if your acne inflammation problem gets worse until it feels very painful. Try to immediately compress the chin area with cold water. Handling steps are also not difficult; just press the ice cubes that have been wrapped in cloth. The final step is just to let the cream soak until it sinks in, just five minutes.

4. Using Acne Medication

If you have tried all the methods above, but there has been no significant change, try this final step. You can simply apply an acne medication cream, but make sure it contains benzoyl peroxide.

What Causes Cystic Acne On The Chin

Thus the discussion regarding what causes cystic acne on the chin. Several factors are due to dirty skin and a disturbed mental state. However, in truth, the key to healthy facial skin without acne is to maintain cleanliness.

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